By Jennifer Brooks, Sep 6 2020 01:19PM

Even though we were unable to complete the season due to the pandemic we still feel that you deserved awards for your effort and hard work this season.

The first award is the Fundraising Superstar award which is for the person who has helped to fundraise the most money for Ocean City and that award goes to a player who has also had another great season as our goalkeeper and that person is Able Sharp. Well done Able!

Next up is the Golden Star for the leading goalscorer and that award goes to Leo who scored three goals with one coming against Cheltenham and two goals in our 3-1 victory over Frome Falcons. Well played Leo!

Our third award is the Sportsmanship award which goes to the player who always plays the game in the right spirit with a smile on their face and who also chipped in with one goal this season against Frome and that player is Mathew Sly. Well done Matt!

The final award is the Inspired by Helen Cup and that goes to a person who not only had another great season of Powerchair football including scoring one goal against Cheltenham and receiving a player of the match award against his former club Exeter City, but who also took his You Me and My Voice show to venues in Exeter, Paignton and the Theatre Royal in Plymouth and that person is Hugh Malyon. Congratulations Hugh!

Our player Sue has won Best Newcomer and for her achievements we will award her when we meet again.

Many thanks to you all again for your efforts for Ocean City this season and continue to stay safe and we will see you again very soon!

By Jennifer Brooks, Sep 6 2020 01:11PM

Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic has meant we havent been able to train for quite sometime. We dont have a date that we are able to return as yet but we are hopeful it shouldnt be too much longer! The players are all well, we have been keeping in touch with them all and we are hopeful we will see them all soon playing again!

By Jennifer Brooks, Oct 3 2019 05:49PM

This week was the beginning of the South West League, the league has been renamed to the GBG South West League this season due to our new sponsers.

We didn't win any games this time but everyone played very well and they held up a very good game againest Cheltenham Yellows. Thankyou to Unique Mobility for being so generous and lending us the van to transport the chairs to Exeter again this season.

Thank you to all players and carers/parents for supporting the team!

By Jennifer Brooks, Oct 3 2019 05:41PM

Thanks to Able and his friend Sebastian for putting together this brilliant promotional video for us! It's been many years since we have had a new video to promote the club, in fact this is the second we have had made. We felt we needed a bit of an updated one showing our team and what we do in training and we feel it really does get that across. Enjoy watching - the link is on the home page!

By Jennifer Brooks, Apr 14 2019 07:13PM

Yesterday we held our taster day, months of preparation and leaflet distributing to promote the day and it was a success!

We had several new faces come through the door and were all very interested in joining us, which is brilliant. They were all very capable to play in a powerchair and we look forward to welcoming them into our team. We also had a visit from Paul Anderson from P.Argyle who came and met everyone which was a big boost for the players and it was very kind of him to take the time to have photos and talk to us all.

We had help from Unique Mobility, who came to help out with any powerchair issues and also had a go at playing with our players which they really enjoyed. Big thank you to them for allowing us the use of their van once again we are very grateful for the support you continue to give.

Big thank you to Goals Beyond Grass - Brian & Kieran who ran the day with us and for all of the support they have given. Even bigger thank you to Ocean City volunteers and players for being there for most of the day to play, which I think they all enjoyed as opposed to just a 2 hour session!

Thank you to everyone for making this a success!

By Jennifer Brooks, Apr 14 2019 06:58PM

We recently collected a cheque from Waitrose for £255 as a result of being part of the Waitrose Community Matters Scheme. Thank you to everyone who put a green token in our pot!

By Jennifer Brooks, Dec 2 2018 07:06PM

A huge thank you to Plymouth Round Table for your donation of £360.78p!

This is the second time they have supported our charity & we are very grateful hope you enjoyed your time in the chairs and joining in on the game!

By Jennifer Brooks, Apr 22 2018 06:36PM

We have had a few good months again with funding!

Last month we were awarded £250 from Drake Circus, they saw the great work we do and remembered us and offered us some funds from their community funds - thank you!

We have also been this week and collected a cheque for £1,020 from Moto Services at Saltash. This will be used to pay for the venue for 12 months and pay for a service on our specially fitted hoist - thankyou!

By Jennifer Brooks, Feb 21 2018 06:49PM

After a successful funding application from Big Lottery Fund we have been awarded £10,000!! We have been able to fund 2 new 'Panther' powerchairs, which are very fast and change the dynamic of the game!

Thank you to Brian for getting these sorted for us!