Taster Day 13/04/19

By Jennifer Brooks, Apr 14 2019 07:13PM

Yesterday we held our taster day, months of preparation and leaflet distributing to promote the day and it was a success!

We had several new faces come through the door and were all very interested in joining us, which is brilliant. They were all very capable to play in a powerchair and we look forward to welcoming them into our team. We also had a visit from Paul Anderson from P.Argyle who came and met everyone which was a big boost for the players and it was very kind of him to take the time to have photos and talk to us all.

We had help from Unique Mobility, who came to help out with any powerchair issues and also had a go at playing with our players which they really enjoyed. Big thank you to them for allowing us the use of their van once again we are very grateful for the support you continue to give.

Big thank you to Goals Beyond Grass - Brian & Kieran who ran the day with us and for all of the support they have given. Even bigger thank you to Ocean City volunteers and players for being there for most of the day to play, which I think they all enjoyed as opposed to just a 2 hour session!

Thank you to everyone for making this a success!

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